Today is the day!! The day I have been working my butt off (literally) for! I’m heading to Los Angeles for a LAdventure with Remington and the other 3 new Red Chair Ambassadors to begin our training, make a video, take pictures and get pampered!

As a recap, I worked with Rebecca Tabbert doing a form of bootcamp that she designed for me to meet my goals. We worked out together 3 times a week and I worked out on my own the other days. The goal was a healthier, leaner, stronger body. I was not concerned with weightloss, just toning. I followed the 17 Day Diet but had to add in some complex carbs for breakfast and lunch since my workouts were shaky from lack of carbs.

Yesterday marked 3 weeks since my first session with Rebecca. We repeated pictures and measurements. The pictures (lighting) are not the best quality to show the results but I think you can see some more definition, especially in my bottom:

The numbers tell the story much better! I am very proud to share that I lost 4 pounds, 5 total inches and 2% body fat! I’m pretty excited about this! It means that I lost fat and gained muscle. It means my body is leaner, fitter and healthier! It was TOTALLY worth the hard work, dedication and time invested! I’m walking into that video session feeling ready!

The combination of changing my eating habits, especially the reduction of carbs, and the HIIT style workouts really made a difference in the short period of time.  Please understand that this was just a kick-start for my big event and to continue seeing results, I’ll need to keep up with the dietary changes and workouts.  If you want to get ready for a big event in your life, this program totally works.  Rebecca will be busy putting together a  package to help you get started in your own home!  Watch for that coming soon.

It doesn’t take a gym membership or expensive equipment!  This is what I used at home (in addition to the sidewalk curb, a step inside the house and my piano bench or chair):

Thank you SO MUCH Rebecca for your encouragement and support!

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Tabbert is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and owner of TBT Fit Body Bootcamp. Rebecca has inspired, motivated, encouraged and coached hundreds of people to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. To learn how Rebecca can help you shed unwanted inches and melt pounds call her personally at 909-520-2589 or visit

PS  Just wanted to briefly share that I received my labs back regarding my thyroid. I have a low functioning thyroid and what is called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. This is an auto-immune disease, meaning my own body is attacking my thyroid. It explains why I’m so tired (here I just thought it was the late nights of blogging!). While the solution is as easy as taking a pill each morning I hate…HATE…the concept that my body is attacking itself!

My daughter has 2 auto-immune diseases.  When she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes they said, “her life will be totally normal, she’ll just need shots. It’s easy to treat.” When she got Celiac, they told us to be thankful that “all she had to do was change her diet and avoid gluten.” Again, easy fix. It’s true, it’s not cancer. It’s not a transplant.  It’s not a disability.  But the idea of our bodies attacking themselves and our immune systems being compromised is not OK with me. Easy fix or not, it’s unsettling.

Yes, we’ll learn to live with them (especially mine, how easy!) but my goal is to learn as much as I can for my family so our immune systems are strong.  This Mom Beauty Bootcamp has been very timely and a great kick-start to not only a better looking body, but a healthier body and lifestyle!  I encourage you to kick-start your health too, you just never know what tomorrow is going to bring!


One response to “Results

  1. I am so proud of you Tammy!! Your hardwork and determination really paid off. Not the pictures do not do it justice (blame the photgrapher! uuuuhhhhuuuuummmm) 🙂 It was such a blast working on this program with you; coaching you through the lifestyle changes, spending time with you and yes, all my clients will tell you I do get joy from kicking their butt into shape!

    Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy your extra boost of confidence that comes with knowing you have done your part in being at your personal best!

    See you soon!

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